outdoor life

Afloat in a Forest

LOVE _still 2

Days of Spring, at last, finally breathing in and out with the earth’s rhythms again. Out of hibernation.

At last.

The day arrives to take our annual walk in search of new bluebells, woods and sunshine, letting the mind go. Amble along woodland paths, release freewheeling thoughts to a high canopy of tall, spring green trees and watch upwards where little leaves flutter with longings they catch from visitors like me who stand underneath open-mouthed, wordlessly letting hearts’ desires out, and up, in calm air of a new, warmer season. All our ideas: dreams snagged on bright green boughs with a sea of bluebells pushing up underneath – this forest floor has buoyancy.

We float on this flowing tide with all sorts of sink or swim feelings.

Now, to rest in that ocean, and let a head fall back and a mouth drop open and feel a heart beat out morse code messages to send up and mingle with songs of birds exclaiming joy beyond joy and watch leaves shimmer and feel dapples of warm sun flicker through back down to earth, falling on little faces that so desperately need this and turn to the light with a smile…

…and that’s what coming awake in spring is.

This is not just forest bathing. This is being completely afloat in a forest.


{Today’s Soundtrack: Bonobo – Migration}

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