Lizzie 200


I am an independent Creative Director, all about ideas made beautiful. This site is devoted to my photographs, and words which weave through everything I do, including my day to day work of creating short film and animation.

I have kept a photography and writing blog since 2006, initially using a very early Blogger platform to pull out favourite photographs as we all turned digital and things were getting left behind on hard drives. It turned out the words inspired by those pictures were as important, and have become more so over time.

In May 2017 I gave a TEDx talk which seemed to consolidate many years of this love for my precious words. I had taken up a ‘100 Days’ project to create small, personal manifestos by hand—expressive typography in print and with hand-lettering. In my talk, I share the journey I made and learnings from this work – a hugely personal story of loss, grief, redemption and healing.

After a long break from posting, I have been so encouraged by responses to my talk that I decided to continue the adventure again, so will keep photographing and writing and sharing my encouragements and reflections here. This all sits alongside my professional design folio, which is where I get to write as part of my job.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing these ‘words to live by’.

If you would like to stay in touch as the story unfolds, join my mailing list – sign up over here!


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