Afloat in a Forest

Days of Spring, at last, finally breathing in and out with the earth’s rhythms again. Out of hibernation. At last. The day arrives to take our annual walk in search of new bluebells, woods and sunshine, letting the mind go. Amble along woodland paths, release freewheeling thoughts to a high canopy of tall, spring green … More Afloat in a Forest


It comes in waves. Name anything you like about life, it always comes in its waves. Confidence, doubt, pain, joy, contentment, solitude, fear, strength, serenity – everything moves in a rhythm of ebbs and flows, surges and retreats, one interspersed with its opposites. Waves, they keep on coming. As an art student in Brighton, the … More Waves

Winter Jewels

  How are you doing through this end of a particularly strange winter? It’s felt like a long haul hasn’t it? Considering meditations and moments pressing in for warmth and rest as the new year turned these recent months, I want to pay tribute to this outgoing season for the creativity still brewing even when we didn’t realise it. … More Winter Jewels

Thank you, NYC

  How do you find New York? In July, I made my first visit to the big apple, and made every effort to experience it on my own terms even (especially) in hitting some of the iconic sights. In making pictures, it’s a great challenge to capture everything we know a place is, yet bring yourself to the picture too! I … More Thank you, NYC

Seashore Slowdown

Here’s a little (tiny) film I made to say ‘thank you’ to those small seashore moments of summer—trying to capture something of that easy feeling when you’re sitting at the water’s edge with your toes in the shore break and breeze on your face—and bring it on home. I’ve been trying to stretch myself to work with … More Seashore Slowdown

Finding Forward

This little brass arrow sits in the concrete somewhere in Central Park, New York. I was taking care of my friends’ kids for a week back in July, my first trip to the city, and we were having a lot of fun deciding where to go and what to do with our times together. So much … More Finding Forward