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Halfway Down a Long Path

Now roughly half way through this 100 Days project, I want to take a moment to check in with some ideas that have occurred as I’ve progressed, and the reasons for taking a break before continuing. As mentioned at some point in recent posts, rattling through 100 Days really is a long time to be… Continue reading Halfway Down a Long Path

creative process, finding your voice, projects

_navigating a ‘creative process’

Day 9 & 10 of #100Days project – Carol Ann Dufy & D.H.LawrenceAnyone setting foot on the path of creating—making, inventing, imagining, developing—is saying 'yes' to the so-called creative process*. Inevitably, there will be mess, confusion, both silence and noise, and probably fear too.You are a brave and adventurous soul, agreeing to this slightly frightening… Continue reading _navigating a ‘creative process’