Seashore Slowdown

Here’s a little (tiny) film I made to say ‘thank you’ to those small seashore moments of summer—trying to capture something of that easy feeling when you’re sitting at the water’s edge with your toes in the shore break and breeze on your face—and bring it on home. I’ve been trying to stretch myself to work with … More Seashore Slowdown

Life, Abundantly.

We all know that the path of life is not a straight one. Learning how to walk it with grace, peace and style may well be the ultimate art. Recently, I found myself sitting around tables and campfires out in the wildest of West Wales at Fforest, drinking and chatting long into the nights with some seriously impressive … More Life, Abundantly.

A New Home

How do you find ideas? How do ideas come to you? Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your precious ideas is to set up home somewhere beautiful and put a few great things and people in place there, so as to coax those thoughts out into the safe shelter they need to grow. We all have different versions of this … More A New Home

Winter in Coromandel

The most beautiful trip made many years ago now, to a shore as far away from troubles at home as I could go. I still dream of the perfect waves and wonder who turned this driftwood into a sculpture by adding a shell.