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‘The Plot’ is a podcast made on my allotment at Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol, all about finding creative inspiration in natural spaces. Each episode finds new encouragement from amongst the plants and animals as they grow through seasons, to help us keep going with our big ideas and life projects.

It’s a beautiful hit of clear air, fresh plantlife and smelly creatures. “A place where people grow” is the farm’s motto. If you’re with me in wanting to balance our desk-bound, digital days by being more immersed in the natural order of things, then you might enjoy this. I hope you find space, peace, food for thought and wisdom for the road. And some sweet (noisy) animals too.

Consider this me spreading the muck and the love. 

Find it by searching for ‘The Plot Lizzie Everard’ or subscribe to the feed directly in iTunes, on Soundcloud, or on my Opinion page, here.


Lizzie on The Plot